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Bowing To The Squeaky Wheel

A recent poll has shown that only 20% of our citizens consider themselves as being Liberal. In realizing that perhaps only a single digit percentage of these Liberals would consider themselves on the Far Left, how can we now find ourselves being governed by the most liberal administration and Congress in our 233-year old history?

In the past fifty years we Americans have seen our prosperities, Liberties, Freedoms and Individual Rights being slowly chipped away in the name of progress, our own supposed personal safety, and the falsehoods of the overall welfare of our society and the environment. As we stand today the Conservative and Moderate majorities are on the verge of seeing our sacred Constitution become just another long ago written document that serves no other purpose but as an historical curiosity.

So how, in a country of over 300 million citizens, could we allow this only 20% to force their will upon the majority of us when their beliefs and agendas are so different from ours?

Well we have heard the old expression, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”, and just like that old noisy, annoying and dangerous Liberal Wheel, the Liberals in our country have continued to squeak, cry, moan and manipulate at every turn and intersection, all the way down our history highway, until basically in this last election a majority of us just finally gave in, pulled over, and said okay do what you want, just give the rest of us some peace. But now instead of getting some peace and quiet, we are about to be replaced all around by a whole new set of Liberal Radials… I mean, Liberal Radicals, with a front-end alignment that is steering our Nation straight to the point of no return.

This Liberal, or Leftist movement has been in America for a very long time. But it usually takes hard times for Liberals to gain power and influence in America, and early in the 20th Century there were plenty of hard times for all Americans. That’s why whenever there are problems you will hear Liberals quickly decry that we are in the midst of a “crisis!” While they are seemingly trying to help to get us all out of that crisis what they are really hoping for, and helping to accomplish, is that the crisis escalates and our troubles continue. So in the times of economic downturns, instead of the common sense solutions in boosting the economy through individual spending and investments encouraged by tax cuts, we get bailouts, government takeovers, government subsidized work programs that generate no new national products or long term gains, and a bogus stimulus bill all paid for by the taxpayers and resulting in even more economic stifling tax increases to pay for it all. Any “new jobs” that are created by these Liberal policies are mostly in the form of even more bureaucracy through bigger government.

Back at the beginning of the 20th Century Liberals were instrumental in the labor movement, only they were a bit more quiet and reserved about their dealings then they would be in the future. The Left usually uses a good, just, or humanitarian cause to gain power and control. So we have seen them hijack such noble causes as labor reform, civil rights, poverty, environmental concerns and health care then taking them to most extremist levels. But while claiming only self-righteous concern for all our citizens what we have witnessed is that their real and only concerns are for the power over and the total control of our citizens, our economy and our Nation.

In the labor practices of that time there was plenty of room for improvements for the working class when it came to working conditions and wages. The Left helped to organize and unite the working class to get better pay and conditions, but that was all just an end to the means of obtaining the power and influence that the Left was really seeking. The working class meant nothing more to the Liberals of that day than you and I mean to the Liberals of today, we were and are just tools to be used for their gain.

Through the ensuing years Liberals worked quietly as they infiltrated our political systems, our educational system, society and perhaps most importantly, our entertainment, media and press. Soon after WW II the Liberal agenda was in full swing across America but nowhere was it more effective than in our educational institutions. By the Sixties, they had changed our history by teaching our children a dark and sinister view of our native country. On college campuses Madison and Jefferson gave way to the teachings of Marx and Mao. Campus activists like Obama and Hillary Clinton followed the community organizing lessons of Alinsky. Until finally, with the continued war in Vietnam and the civil rights movement as their rallying call, Liberals came out of their closets.

Liberals, or The Left, became increasingly more vocal, disruptive and violent during the Vietnam War. You can be sure that in the 1960’s there was no where near 20% of our population that said they were Liberals, yet this even smaller political minority of that time was so disruptive, insistent and shrill that they managed to change the way our country conducted the Vietnam War. In fact this Liberal minority and their representatives in the mainstream media were responsible in ending that war. I wonder how many of us fully understand just how few in number this small but vocal and highly visible minority of protesters really was? Yet highlighted, if not out right exaggerated by an already Left leaning mass media, this microscopic but noisy squeaky wheel of our society certainly got all of the attention.

However, Liberals did not do this all by themselves, as just like this last election the Left needed non-Liberal crossovers to attain their goals. I will always believe that the majority of young men who participated in the anti-war/anti-draft demonstrations of that era joined these protests for one of four differing reasons.

1) A few may have actually believed the war was unjust.
2) A few did not want to be drafted. And very few when you understand just how few men were actually drafted and how even fewer draftees ended up in Vietnam.
3) Boredom.
4) To meet chicks.

But to fully succeed Liberals not only needed the Silent Majority to remain silent, but also to remain unresponsive to any and all trespasses and crimes committed during these often unlawful demonstrations and assaults upon our Republic. Free speech and the right to assemble are guaranteed, but violence, destruction of property, invading and occupying private and public buildings while taking hostages and refusing to be legally inducted into the Armed Forces during a war are not. Needless to say treason is at least still on the books as a crime, yet no one in this movement who committed such treason was ever charged let alone brought to justice.

Once again the Left had chosen what seemed a noble cause by insisting that their infuriation was the result of the loss of human life of both Southeast Asian civilians and our military. Yet while working towards and hoping for our own country’s defeat, these two faced protesters feigned remorse and anger concerning our own war dead out of one side of their crooked mouths, as they continued to falsely vilify our military out of the other side, even long after the war had ended. And in the end, what was once again displayed was that their humanitarian ideals where only a false cover for their true ambitions, for what has echoed the loudest over these past years since the US pulled its support and troops out of Vietnam is the total silence of the Liberal Left’s protests of the slaughter of millions of Southeast Asian lives, and the enslavement of millions more, when their Communist heroes overran what we were once trying to defend.

Emboldened by their success during the Vietnam era Liberals now marched boldly forward for the next forty years disparaging everything American along the way. Once they saw that not only would there be no consequences for their treason and anarchy they understood that there was no further need to hide their affiliations or sympathies, or to curtail their outrageous complaints and attacks, for the Silent Majority was not just silent, it was comatose. Draft dodgers were given amnesty and allowed to return home without fear of prosecution. Most all of the protesters moved on to become leading citizens in their community not only without repercussions for their frequently criminal ant-war demonstrations but in fact were often held in high esteem for their misconduct. High profile anti-American leaders of the era were not punished or rebuked for their treason, but instead many, like Fonda and Kerry, were grandly rewarded by our society. Finding little or no resistance, and very few consequences, in the post Vietnam War America, the Liberal agenda shifted into high gear.

As it turned out, America not only greased that Liberal squeaky wheel through appeasement, we also generally ignored it in the faint hope that it would just go away. But in doing so we only insured that the Liberal Left was here to stay.

Next: Part Two – How The Left Took Over America

God Bless America

Semper Fi,

“Copyright 2009.  Michael E. Tank   All rights reserved. No part of this document may be copied, faxed, electronically transmitted, or in any other manner duplicated without express written permission of the author.”


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